Record Typing on any Keyboard with Tiny Device.

KeyPhantom USB Corporate (product code: KP-USB-302)

Product upgrade notice: This product has been upgraded to the "KCU402 ()". The new product is superior; these pages are provided for customer support only.
USB keystroke recorder or logger
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The KeyPhantom records everything typed on any USB keyboard.

Key Features

  • Tiny device records USB keystrokes at a hardware level. View hardware vs. software comparison.
  • Software free - plug'n'record. View demo.
  • Installs in seconds.
  • Installs even if the computer is switched off.
  • Record everything typed - protect yourself from data loss.


  • Any machine with a USB keyboard, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, DOS, OS/2, Solaris.

Storage capacity

  • 1,000,000 typed keys (1024KB).


Specifications for the KeyPhantom USB Corporate (KP-USB-302).


Product code. KP-USB-302
Data recorded. USB keystrokes from any USB keyboard.
How to use. Plug the unit in, it starts to record typing immediately.
Memory capacity. 1024KB, approximately 1,000,000 keystrokes.

Recording keystrokes (how to record from your USB keyboard)

How the unit records USB keystrokes. Plug the unit in, it starts to record immediately.

Retrieving keystrokes (how to view the keystroke log)

How to view the keystroke log (method 1). Download of log via standard text editor (compatible with Windows®, Macintosh®, Linux, Solaris - see demo video).
How to view the keystroke log (method 2). Download of log via a Windows™ utility, by using the KeyPhantom USB Windows™ Rapid Downloader.

Multiple languages

Support for over 102 languages and keyboard layouts, including Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish, French, etc. Multi language support via "KeyPhantom USB Windows™ Rapid Downloader" (compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista).

Firmware Upgrades

How to upgrade the firmware in the device. Instant firmware upgrades, in minutes, via downloadable "KeyPhantom USB Windows Firmware Update Utility".

Date/time stamping

Date/time stamping of recorded keystrokes? No.

Another product in this family has date/time stamping, namely the KeyPhantom USB Forensic (KP-USB-305).

User Manual

User Manual? Yes. Download the user manual.


Encryption of on-board flash memory. 48-bit.

Other products in this family have 128-bit encryption, including the KeyPhantom USB Corporate SE (KP-USB-303) and the KeyPhantom USB Forensic (KP-USB-305).
Can record USB 1.1 or 2.0 low speed traffic (1.1Mbit/sec). Yes.
Can record USB 1.1 or 2.0 full speed traffic (12Mbit/sec). This is required for any keyboard with a built in USB hub, and 90% of standard Mac keyboards. Yes.
Can be inserted between a USB hub and the PC. Yes.
Length of USB cable. 150mm
Location of USB recording electronics. Contained in USB plug on one end of USB extension cable.
Upgradable to record other generic USB traffic, such as magnetic stripe readers, bar code readers, or thumb print readers. Yes (contact us for a quote to adapt the device).
Availablility. Now.
FCC certification. Yes; contact us for details.