Record Typing on any Keyboard with Tiny Device.

KeyPhantom USB Corporate (product code: KP-USB-302)

Product upgrade notice: This product has been upgraded to the "KCU402 ()". The new product is superior; these pages are provided for customer support only.
USB keystroke recorder or logger
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The KeyPhantom records everything typed on any USB keyboard.

Key Features

  • Tiny device records USB keystrokes at a hardware level. View hardware vs. software comparison.
  • Software free - plug'n'record. View demo.
  • Installs in seconds.
  • Installs even if the computer is switched off.
  • Record everything typed - protect yourself from data loss.


  • Any machine with a USB keyboard, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, DOS, OS/2, Solaris.

Storage capacity

  • 1,000,000 typed keys (1024KB).


USB keystroke recorder or logger

When it comes to USB keystroke recording, the KeyPhantom USB Home is the perfect blend of functionality and reliability.

With more storage capacity than a large novel, you can can rely on the KeyPhantom USB Home to protect your data from loss or corruption.

As the worlds first full-speed USB keylogger, the KeyPhantom USB breaks new ground in ease of use, storage capacity, and compatibility.

This device is in use in many Fortune 500 companies, accountancy firms, and US government agencies.

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