Record Typing on any Keyboard with Tiny Device.

Keystroke Recorders for USB keyboards ("KeyCarbon USB")

USB keystroke recorder or logger      

The KeyCarbon USB device records all typing on a USB keyboard. It acts as a keylogger to monitor all keystrokes that are typed.

Video demo

Windows Utility Software

This page contains Windows utility software for the KeyCarbon USB series (KCU301, KCU302, KCU303, KCU305, KCU401, KCU401, KCU403, KCU403, KCU405, KCU405).

  • Download the keystroke log via the USB port.
  • Download 200,000 keystrokes in 10 seconds.
  • The "KeyCarbon USB Windows Toolkit" can be used to download the keystroke log from directly from the device into Windows, via the USB port.
  • There are two methods of viewing the typed keystrokes - the "Windows™ utility method" (described below), and the "text editor" method (see the animated demo outlining the "text editor" method).
  • This method is much faster than the text editor method (see the animated demo outlining the "text editor" method).
  • Log download takes between 30 seconds and 5 minutes, depending on the size of the log.
  • The log can be viewed in a variety of languages, including Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish, French, etc.
  • If you experience issues connecting to the devices, see troubleshooting.

Step 1: Download The Windows™ Utility


Stable version (v4.3.0): "KeyCarbon USB Windows Toolkit v4.3.0.exe"
Operating System (OS) requirement: Windows 2000/XP.
Software is compatible with Windows Vista / 7 / 8.0 / 8.1 / 10, but may need you to activate the "manual download" feature from the menu (see below).

Step 2: Install the KeyCarbon Windows™ Toolkit

Click "Next" on the wizard, until the software is installed under Windows.

keycarbon windows downloader

Step 3: Execute the KeyCarbon Windows™ Toolkit

Select "Start > All Programs > KeyPhantom USB Windows Toolkit > KeyPhantom USB Rapid Downloader".

Step 4: Download The Keystroke Log

Note: Ensure that the KeyCarbon USB is inline with the keyboard, i.e. a keyboard must be plugged into the socket on the unit.

Select "Tools..Import KeyCarbon USB Log".

keyphantom windows downloader

Wait for the log to download. Do not change Window focus. If the device does not connect, see the troubleshooting section.

keyphantom windows downloader

Step 5: View In Alternate Language

You can view the log in a variety of languages. Over 120 languages are supported by the download utility.

keyphantom windows downloader

Troubleshooting - If Device Does Not Connect

If the Rapid Downloader utility has trouble connecting to the device, try the following:

  • Please unplug/insert the device, close this application, wait 40 seconds, and select "Tools..Download" again.
  • If this doesn't work, try plugging a USB keyboard into the device before attempting the detection.
    • This step is only required for devices with firmware older than version 5.00.
      • For devices with firmware older than version 5.00, if there is no keyboard attached, the Rapid Downloader utility cannot activate the device to download the log of keystrokes.
  • If none of the above steps work, use the alternative "Virtual KeyBoard" method to download the log. Simply run any ext editor such as "WordPad" and type"phxlog" to trigger a download menu. See the user manual for full instructions.
  • If this still doesn't work, upgrade the devices firmware, by selecting "Tools..Upgrade Firmware", for more information see upgrading your devices firmware. Note that upgrading the devies firmware may result in the log being erased.
  • If the software is still not connecting, force the unit to into "Rapid Download Mode" (see "Image 1" below).
    • Start up an editor such as Notepad or Wordpad.
    • Type "phxlog" to enter the menu (see the video demo or read the user manual). If you are using a laptop, you must type "phxlog" on an external USB keyboard attached to the laptop; the keystrokes must flow through the KeyCarbon unit for it to be activated.
    • The menu will be displayed.
    • Select the option "6) Mode: Rapid Downloader". Note that this feature is only available in firmware verison 4.00 and upwards, see upgrading your devices firmware.
    • The device is now waiting for communication from the Rapid Downloader utility. When you run the Rapid Downloader utility, and select "Tools..Download" it will connect immediately and download the log.

Image 1 - Switching the device into "Listening" mode.









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