Record Typing on any Keyboard with Tiny Device.

Keystroke Recorders for USB keyboards ("KeyCarbon USB")

USB keystroke recorder or logger      

The KeyCarbon USB device records all typing on a USB keyboard. It acts as a keylogger to monitor all keystrokes that are typed.

Video demo

User Manual

User manual v8.00 for the KeyCarbon USB series (KCU301, KCU302, KCU303, KCU305, KCU401, KCU403, KCU405), in Adobe .pdf format.



One page brochure for the KeyCarbon USB series (KCU401, KCU403, KCU405, in Adobe .pdf format.


keycarbon money-back guarantee

[After using the device] I can't tell you how many articles I have lost over the years when Windows flakes out. - Shane McGlaun, About Computer Peripherals,

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International Security Conference, New York, NY.