Record Typing on any Keyboard with Tiny Device.

Keystroke Recorders for Desktops ("KeyCarbon PCI")

Product upgrade notice: This product has been entirely replaced by the 2nd generation solution, a combination of the "KeyCarbon Raptor" ("KLAP601") and the "Mini-PCI to PCI adaptor card" ("KPCIAD24"). These pages are provided for customer support only. If you want to purchase a keystroke logger for a desktop, order the KLAP601 + KPCIAD24 from the ordering page. For more information, contact customer support.
USB keystroke recorder or logger      

The KeyCarbon PCI device records all typing on any keyboard. The card plugs into the PC motherboard.

Video demo

Video Demo

Demo video for the KeyCarbon PCI series (KREC201, KREC202, KREC213).

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