Record Typing on any Keyboard with Tiny Device.

Laptop / Desktop Keystroke Recorder ("KeyCarbon Raptor")

Product upgrade notice: This product is not compatible with the majority of modern laptops and desktops. This product is not compatible with any laptop that does not have a MiniPCI slot, which includes all laptops with a Core 2 Duo or newer chipset, manufactured after 2007. This product is very difficult to install in desktop PCI mode for USB keyboards; therefore it is only recommended for desktops with PS/2 keyboards. For more information, contact customer support.
Laptop keystroke recorder or logger      

Record typing on a laptop or a desktop with a "KeyCarbon Raptor" device. Installs in seconds.

Video demo

Windows Utility Software

This page contains Windows utility software for the KeyCarbon Raptor series (KLAP601, KLAP602, KLAP613).

  • Download the keystroke log from the KeyCarbon Raptor via the USB port.
  • The "KeyCarbon Windows Utility" can be used to view the keystroke log file created by the device.
  • The log can be viewed in over 120 languages, including Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish, French, etc.

Step 1: Download The Windows™ Utility


Official release v3.10. Release date 2007-Aug-24 (added Vista compatibility).
Filename: "KeyCarbon Raptor Utility v3.1.0.exe".
Operating System (OS) requirement: Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

Step 2: Install the KeyCarbon Windows™ Toolkit

Click "Next" on the wizard, until the software is installed under Windows.

Step 3: Execute the KeyCarbon Windows™ Toolkit

Select "Start > All Programs > KeyCarbon Windows Toolkit > KeyCarbon Windows Utility".

Step 4: Open the keystroke log

Select "File..Open", then select the ".bkl" file or ".klr" file that is generated by the device.

Step 5: View In Alternate Language

You can view the log in a variety of languages and keyboard layouts. Over 120 languages are supported by the download utility.

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