Record Typing on any Keyboard with Tiny Device.

Laptop / Desktop Keystroke Recorder ("KeyCarbon Raptor")

Product upgrade notice: This product is not compatible with the majority of modern laptops and desktops. This product is not compatible with any laptop that does not have a MiniPCI slot, which includes all laptops with a Core 2 Duo or newer chipset, manufactured after 2007. This product is very difficult to install in desktop PCI mode for USB keyboards; therefore it is only recommended for desktops with PS/2 keyboards. For more information, contact customer support.
Laptop keystroke recorder or logger      

Record typing on a laptop or a desktop with a "KeyCarbon Raptor" device. Installs in seconds.

Video demo

KeyCarbon Raptor Firmware Upgrade

Firmware upgrade for the KeyCarbon Raptor Series of products (KLAP601, KLAP602, KLAP613).

The firmware in this device can be upgraded within minutes, by copying a file to the MicroSD memory card on the KeyCarbon Raptor device.

Currently, there is no known incompatibilities with the KeyCarbon Raptor product.

Contact customer support if you wish to download an upgraded version of firmware for your device.