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Anaheim, Calif., Apr 7th, 2009 /PRWebDirect/ -- KeyCarbon LLC today announced the existence of the KeyCarbon TRex, the worlds first device that will grant unrestricted access to any laptop protected by a password, thumbprint scanner, security token, or encrypted hard drive.

The TRex device measures 1.3" x 4", plugs into the side of a laptop, and establishes an electrical connection with the RAM chips on the computer motherboard. The device then takes 30 seconds to establish control over the operating system, and open a time window for unrestricted login into Windows 2000, 2003, XP, or Vista.

"We have a lot of calls from employers who have laptops with unknown passwords," says Don Thorpe, an investigative agent, "TRex allows us to instantly log in, even if the laptop is powered up, and sitting at the Windows password screen. We can then install any antivirus or monitoring software. We like the fact that we can easily complete the entire process within 60 seconds, without rebooting the laptop or removing the hard drive.".

The device solves a range of security problems that are commonly encountered with laptops, including restrictive BIOS passwords, unknown Windows passwords, encrypted hard drives, biometric devices, internet history, undetermined email passswords and SSL certificates. The tool is so versatile that it can bypass almost any security obstacle. Tutorials can be provided on demand.

"We wanted to log into an email account for a laptop connected with a drug shipment," says an agent talking on condition of anonymity, "the details were locked inside a password protected laptop with hard drive encryption, so we plugged TRex into the side of the laptop to establish control over the operating system. We then copied the registry entries which represented the hashed email password. We were finished in less than a minute. We ran a dictionary attack over the next 3 hours, secured the original email password, and logged into the email account in question. Using this information, we intercepted four more shipments that week, and shut down the operation. Every pound less on the streets is a victory for us."

The KeyCarbon TRex device was 4 years in development, and represents the state of the art in computer investigative electronics. The TRex card comes in a protective case, includes training materials, has a 3 year warranty on electronics, and unlimited technical support for 12 months.

The device is not available to the general public, and will be only distributed to licensed private investigators and government agencies that are not on the U.S. list of restricted export countries.

At the time of this press release, there is no stock for this item due to demand from several middle eastern agencies. To be added to the waiting list, contact

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KeyCarbon is a worldwide leader in hardware devices to create audit trails on a computer. Additional information about KeyCarbon is available at


Anaheim, Calif., Mar 2nd, 2007 /PRWebDirect/ -- BitForensics today announced the official release of the world’s first hardware keylogger for laptop PC’s. The “KeyCarbon Raptor” card records all typing on a laptop keyboard, plugs into the Mini-PCI slot of a laptop computer, and stores captured keystrokes using the onboard 256MB MicroSD card. View full press release in .pdf format.


Anaheim, Calif., Dec 14, 2006 /PRWebDirect/ -- BitForensics today announced the official release of the world’s first hardware keylogger in a PCI card. The “KeyCarbon PCI” card records all typing on a computers keyboard, fits inside the case of a desktop computer, and stores up to 32,000,000 keystrokes or 10 years of typing. View full press release in .pdf format.


Anaheim, Calif., Aug 08, 2006 /WebDirect/ -- BitForensics today announced the acquisition of KeyPhantom. “This acquisition will provide BitForensics with the technology it needs to develop its products further.” stated the CEO of BitForensics. ". View full press release in .pdf format.

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